martedì 7 febbraio 2012

Women's Movement Key Issues in Challenging Times

Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era 
First released by DAWN in early 2010, highly relevant in 2012 as:
*DAWN calls for challenging global ecoomic institutions and for feminists to reclaim governance through alternative visions.
*Where is the place for social reproduction in the new world and how do we redistribute resources and opportunities? How do we put an end to the production and reproduction of inequallities by neoliberal policies?
*The gendered impacts of the global crises have been raised under this political context that impringes upon the time burdens of women, that women absorb care burdens even more as market-based services or public services become less accessible, higher unemployment rates, or women increasingly being marginalized into the informal sector, or worsening work conditions.....
*Militarization is integrally linked to systematic violence and together with armed conflict and civil war has played a major role in shaping and changing women's lives.  As violent conflict kills, maims and destroys peoples, economies, and livelihoods, development goals and achievements are reversed in climates of insecurity.

Concept Note - Direct Link to 7-Page DAWN Development Debates Concept Note