venerdì 4 marzo 2016


I wish to express my compliments and appreciation for the very modern legal framework in favor of women’ s status and advancement existing in the Republic of Uzbekistan.
I highlight the importance of having equality recognized by the Constitution which together with the numerous decrees and resolutions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Cabinet of Minister represent the institutional mechanisms recognized among the 12 points of the 1995 Platform of Beijing.
I deem also very important the work done by the Representatives of the Republic within the several Commissions related to CEDAW and ILO acting as role model for other Central Asian Countries.
I wish to underline the great work done by HE Mrs. Elmira Basitkhanova-Deputy Prime Minister and Chairperson of the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan and who I had the honor to meet several times.
The Women’s Committee is the engine of the innovations regarding the health care system for women and girls in the field of primary health care, prevention and rural health.
As I could see during my last visit to Uzbekistan, on invitation of the Women’s Committee to the International Conference “The Role of Women in Formation of Civil Society, State and Social Construction: experience of Uzbekistan” last September in Samarkand, the increased number in all spheres of education has led to a higher presence of women in both economical and political governance at all levels: from Mahalla to the National Level (Senate and Legislative Chamber).
The protection of maternal leaves with full pay together with the social facilities for working mothers are also very important in order to reconcile working and private life and create a safe environment in families.
Last but not least, I wish to underline that beyond the opportunities given to women and girls to receive an education or trainings and to experience decision making position in politics, Uzbekistan through its wide system of microcredit and a devoted legislation gives them the opportunity to develop their talents in the field of small and family enterprises.
At the eve of the celebration of the International Women’s Day I wish to express my admiration to all the women of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Maria Ludovica Bottarelli Tranquilli Leali
Secretary General